CORE curriculum is comprised of these main programs:

Ages 6-Adult

Focuses on the fundamental technical and tactical elements of soccer while playing under pressure. Through implementation of CORE’s Soccer Training System players learn to create opportunity and minimize mistakes. Exposure to the relationship between these two programs infuses ICE within the athlete; InsightComposure, and Execution. This understanding exemplifies what CORE Soccer Training is all about.

Last three years:

Ages 6-Adult

Our established CORE Soccer Training System utilizes five stages of player development. The Goalkeeper stages are Footwork/BalanceBall Handling/BoxingDiving/Break-Aways, Shot Stopping/Crosses, and Angles/Distribution. The Field Player stages are Ball Mastery/Dribbling, Passing/Receiving, Attacking/Defending, Striking/Finishing, and Group/Game Play. These building blocks increase body awareness, self-efficacy, technical proficiency, and tactical understanding of all positions thus improving the overall success of the player. Only through quality repetition and commitment can a player attain their full potential; this requires players to “become comfortable being uncomfortable”. All participants are expected to step outside their comfort zone in an effort to elevate their level of play.

CORE School:​

Coming Soon for Ages 2-12

CORE continually strives to develop new methods to enhance our “Quality over Quantity” philosophy and keeping with that goal we are proud to introduce the CORE Soccer Trainer as a part of our CORE Soccer Training System. When implemented as a part of a player’s regimen this tool creates a new level of quality across all aspects of training.

better players for their own Club Teams. More importantly it has given these players more confidence, not only in themselves, but in their teammates as well. We have a great philosophy on how to play the 3 v 3 game and it shows in our results. We have been approached by many teams about expanding and as such we are opening up the Average Joe’s and Jane’s group to any team who has the same GOAL as us: “To Win the World Championships at Disney!” We would like to invite teams who have established Coaches, rather than individual players, to join in our quest of becoming a dominate force on the 3 v 3 World Stage. We feel a group that has played together should stay together and the coach is the main ingredient in the mixture. Average Joe’s and Jane’s coordinators will assist in many ways, but each team that joins will be responsible to operate their own team. If you or your team are interested in becoming part of the Average Joe’s and Jane’s family feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

Average Joe's and Jane's Tournaments:

The Joe's and Jane's hold several tournaments throughout the year including two Kick It 3v3 qualifiers.

Average Joe's and Jane's Accomplishments:

For the past seven years we have taken many teams to Disney for the World Championships and we have eleven current teams who play under our banner. Four of these teams went to Disney in January 2012 to participate in the World Championships. We are very proud of all our teams for their accomplishments.

A training program for ages 6 to 8. Goalkeepers and Field players will focus on body mechanics to properly execute age appropriate skills and build a solid foundation in CORE’s five stage system.​


A training program for ages 9 to Adult.
Prerequisite: This is an invitation only program; players are selected by the CORE staff from our other programs to participate. These Goalkeepers and Field Players will be placed in a highly competitive environment to demonstrate there are “no ordinary moments” and “excellence of execution” is paramount to their success. This advanced program will cover very high levels of physical, technical, tactical as well as mental training.​


A training program for ages 9 to Adult. Application and advancement of the five stages is the main focus for all participants.
​Prerequisite: Must pass CORE 101 or demonstrate proficiency of skills from CORE 101 program.​


Adult Coed Joe’s and our Men's open Joes were the World Champions, 
our 95 Janes came in 3rd, our 95 Joe's came in 5th, our 99 Joe's came in 3rd and our 99 Joe's Jrs came in 10th

Philosophy based training program consistently proven on the World stage at the Disney World Championships. Players will focus on everything from technical basics to more advanced tactical elements of the game.​

​Takes the quality of training time to a whole new level. Check back for future classes.

These programs are more advanced in nature and are available by request.

  • CORE Individual Training: one on one
  • CORE Group Training: 2-9 players
  • CORE Team Training: 10-18 players
  • CORE Club Training: multiple teams or entire clubs
  • CORE Performance Training: following are examples
    • Physical aspects like speed, agility, quickness, etc
    • Mental and Emotional aspects like goal setting, team building, self-talk, etc
    • Minimizing the risk of injury
    • Pre and Post-Game routine

Want to know more about CORE Performance Training


Ages 2-5

Specific training program for beginning soccer players. Each program will consist of FUN interactive games, using various props, which directly relate to coordination, body awareness, and motor development. Our unique "First Touch Interactive Story Telling" will help your child understand Participation, Sportsmanship, Sharing and Team Concepts all while building confidence.

Our 94’ Jane’s were the World Champions, our 95’ Jane’s came in 3th, our 95’ Joe’s came in 9th our Adult Coed Joe’s came in 9th and our 99’ Joe’s Jrs
​came in 17th

One of the most frustrating things for players, coaches, and parents during training is chasing the ball due to poor touches, miss-hit balls, and shooting. This not only decreases players’ enjoyment and overall practice time, but also limits the amount of time players have the ball at their feet in a given session. The CORE Soccer Trainer allows us to focus on the quality of everything the player does without diminishing fun or breaking their concentration so they can retrieve the ball.

By using this product CORE can decrease wasted training time and increase quality touches for each individual in a given session. Players, coaches, and parents can easily utilize this tool in pre-game warm-ups, practice, backyards, and anywhere else they can think of. In addition the cord can be detached and used just like any other ball. The CORE Soccer Trainer can be purchased alone or as a training package where CORE’s professional staff will teach each participant how to maximize everything it has to offer.

The CORE Soccer Trainer is coming soon, are you ready?

CORE Soccer Trainer 101 - Ages 2-5:

Coming Soon

CORE Soccer Trainer Academy - Ages 6-12:

Coming Soon

CORE traditionally runs leagues throughout the year 

Average Joe's and Jane's:

The Average Joe’s and Jane’s 3v3 Program offers players an opportunity to compete throughout the metro St. Louis Area in the ever-growing 3v3 game. Our Average Joe's and Jane's teams are a mixed group of players from throughout Missouri and Illinois and we remain unaffiliated with any one Soccer Club. 3 v 3 focuses on the fundamental technical and tactical elements of soccer while playing under pressure. We feel the quality of play through the 3 v 3 format has helped our players become more patient, mature, disciplined, and overall

Our 99 Joe Jrs took 4th
​this year and the other 6 teams did not go this year.


CORE 3v3 Training:​

CORE Academy:​

​CORE’s Specialized Programs:​

CORE 101:​


​CORE 3v3 League:


Our 99 Joe's Jrs came in 2nd, Our 95 James came in 2nd, our 95 Joe's came in 3rd and our new 03 Joe's came in the 12th


Parent/child participation class ages 2-3 - (each child must have a parent present to participate). A motor skill training program, using different equipment supplied by CORE, to help the child experience the thrill of running, kicking, throwing, heading, and just playing soccer for the first time.


Parental assisted class ages 4-5 – (instructors will request assistance if needed). DribblingPassingReceiving, and Shooting will be taught through the use of specific drills and games.