Ages 6-Adult

Our established CORE Soccer Training System utilizes five stages of player development. The Goalkeeper stages are Footwork/BalanceBall Handling/BoxingDiving/Break-Aways, Shot Stopping/Crosses, and Angles/Distribution. The Field Player stages are Ball Mastery/Dribbling, Passing/Receiving, Attacking/Defending, Striking/Finishing, and Group/Game Play. These building blocks increase body awareness, self-efficacy, technical proficiency, and tactical understanding of all positions thus improving the overall success of the player. Only through quality repetition and commitment can a player attain their full potential; this requires players to “become comfortable being uncomfortable”. All participants are expected to step outside their comfort zone in an effort to elevate their level of play.


CORE 101:

A training program for ages 6 to 8. Goalkeepers and Field players will focus on body mechanics to properly execute age appropriate skills and build a solid foundation in CORE’s five stage system.

CORE Academy:

A training program for ages 9 to Adult. Application and advancement of the five stages is the main focus for all participants.
​Prerequisite: Must pass CORE 101 or demonstrate proficiency of skills from CORE 101 program.

CORE School:

A training program for ages 9 to Adult.
Prerequisite: This is an invitation only program; players are selected by the CORE staff from our other programs to participate. These Goalkeepers and Field Players will be placed in a highly competitive environment to demonstrate there are “no ordinary moments” and “excellence of execution” is paramount to their success. This advanced program will cover very high levels of physical, technical, tactical as well as mental training.

CORE’s Specialized Programs:

These programs are more advanced in nature and are available by request.

  • CORE Individual Training: one on one
  • CORE Group Training: 2-9 players
  • CORE Team Training: 10-18 players
  • CORE Club Training: multiple teams or entire clubs
  • CORE Performance Training: following are examples
    • Physical aspects like speed, agility, quickness, etc
    • Mental and Emotional aspects like goal setting, team building, self-talk, etc
    • Minimizing the risk of injury
    • Pre and Post-Game routine

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