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CORE continually strives to develop new methods to enhance our “Quality over Quantity” philosophy and keeping with that goal we are proud to introduce the CORE Soccer Trainer as a part of our CORE Soccer Training System. When implemented as a part of a player’s regimen this tool creates a new level of quality across all aspects of training.


One of the most frustrating things for players, coaches, and parents during training is chasing the ball due to poor touches, miss-hit balls, and shooting. This not only decreases players’ enjoyment and overall practice time, but also limits the amount of time players have the ball at their feet in a given session. The CORE Soccer Trainer allows us to focus on the quality of everything the player does without diminishing fun or breaking their concentration so they can retrieve the ball.

By using this product CORE can decrease wasted training time and increase quality touches for each individual in a given session. Players, coaches, and parents can easily utilize this tool in pre-game warm-ups, practice, backyards, and anywhere else they can think of. In addition the cord can be detached and used just like any other ball. The CORE Soccer Trainer can be purchased alone or as a training package where CORE’s professional staff will teach each participant how to maximize everything it has to offer.

The CORE Soccer Trainer is coming soon, are you ready?

CORE Soccer Trainer 101 - Ages 2-5:

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CORE Soccer Trainer Academy - Ages 6-12:

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Takes the quality of training time to a whole new level. Check back for future classes.