The adult body has a certain capacity for activity before fatigue becomes an issue and the capacity of a youth’s body is even less. Basic motor learning principles demonstrate the higher the difficulty of skill an individual is trying to perform the more fatigue will affect the execution of that skill. There is no denying endless repetition of any skill will eventually lead to some level of mastery, but at CORE we ask: What is the quality of mastery you are achieving? Is the individual development plan an elite skill set with quality based training or a sub-standard skill set due to over-training and fatigue from quantity based training?

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About our Philosophy

At a time when youth sport is bigger than ever and its growth shows no sign of slowing, the investment of time and money continues to grow right along with it. Each day players and their families are asked to commit an increasing amount of their most precious resources just to participate and if achieving elite levels is at all an aspiration the demand becomes even higher. It is this trend in youth sport and CORE’s beliefs that drive our training philosophy: "Quality over Quantity". Our goal as professionals is to educate athletes, coaches, and parents on how "quality, not quantity, determines their success".

About Us

 “The quality of each moment is what defines an individual player."

About the Director:

CORE Director Jamie Swanner started his CORE Programs over 25 years ago with the introduction of First Touch Soccer. This single program has evolved into one of the top training programs in the area. The development of the complete player is what many say separates his program from the others. Coach Swanner is a U.S.S.F. license Coach, has over 30 years of coaching experience at all levels including Youth, High School, Collegiate, ODP Ohio/New York and at the Professional level. As a player, he has participated in the Olympics, U.S. National Outdoor and US National Indoor teams and played 17 years as a professional goalkeeper. His coaching experience with youth, adult, male and female both field players as well as goalkeeper’s gives him the ability to evaluate and develop these types of programs that will enhance the overall player development process.​

At the highest levels of soccer, over the course of a 90-minute game, many professional players have less than 5 minutes actually touching the ball. With so little time for an individual to make an impact, how important do you feel each moment actually is? At CORE we believe they are massively important and we encourage each athlete to make an impact with every moment. CORE strives to instill this basic principle in every player: “The quality of their moments is what defines them, not the quantity and ‘There are no ordinary moments’”.

“A healthy obsession to anything MAY lead to greatness, but an overall lack of balance WILL lead to destruction”. CORE’s holistic approach focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of sport. Some of the greatest athletes are the most educated on all aspects related to their sport and at CORE we aim to create those athletes. It is not enough to merely be able to perform a skill; the modern athlete needs to know "When, Why, and How". In order to accomplish this CORE’s entire staff must know, understand, and be able to teach our holistic approach and with that said, we are very proud of what our staff has accomplished.

CORE Soccer Training System has been developed from the collaboration of Jamie Swanner and our staff's education, certification, and experience. Our backgrounds include:

  • Degrees in Exercise Science, Sport Psychology, Physical Education, Coaching, and Sport Management
  • U.S.S.F. Licensed Coaches
  • N.S.C.A. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists
  • N.A.S.M. Performance Enhancement Specialists
  • U.S.S.F. Certified International Referees
  • Certified Teachers
  • International, National, Professional, and Collegiate Playing experience
  • International, National, Professional, and Collegiate Coaching experience
  • Division I Strength & Conditioning experience
  • Division I Mental Training experience
  • CPR Certified